What’s the story behind Gluten Free Cookies?

The need for a gluten free diet is obvious for kids and adults who are suffering from celiac disease. Because they can’t digest gluten, things like gluten free pizza and gluten free cookies are a must to prevent children, and adults who suffer from the disease, from getting sick. But gluten free diets can also be beneficial for those who aren’t suffering from celiac disease; and are said to give anyone increased energy levels and a healthier overall feel.

Yes its about that time to start eating healthy… So Why not start with our Delicious Cookies.

Cookies that are gluten free, and use ingredients that can be easily digested such as rice flour and tapioca dextrin, not only make the products easier to digest, but they also give kids the energy they need to get through their busy days. This is especially important for kids, as just one or two cookies tucked inside a lunch bag can make kids more aware and more focused, and give them better concentration during the rest of the school day.

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